How We Can Help You

Minimize Risk.  Maximize Wealth. 

You are under attack from all sides.  The more lucrative your business, the bigger a chunk of your money that the IRS demands.  The greater your success, the more attractive a target you become for opportunists seeking to file frivolous lawsuits against you in the hopes of getting an easy payday.    The greater the wealth you amass, the more exposure you have to considerable transfer taxes and avoidable probate fees that can wipe out a substantial portion of your legacy.  The more money you make, the more you fear losing it all.

Plan your growth.   We help you by creating tax-efficient structures that maximize the profits of your business.

Preserve your legacy.  We build personalized estate and wealth preservation plans that ensure the orderly transfer of your accumulated lifetime wealth to your designated successors and heirs in the most tax-efficient manner possible that fits within your life plans.

Protect yourself.  We devise and implement asset protection planning strategies to protect your hard-earned assets from an increasingly litigious society.

We create value and security for you.

Our goal is to create value and security for our clients by being accessible, responsive and efficient. We practice with the vision that every client who honors us with their business and their trust is a relationship to be nurtured over the long term. We hope to be there for our clients to assist them in all legal aspects of their business and personal life.  We offer the unique value proposition of an individualized level of access and attention while delivering work-product at the level of a much larger firm, all at a fraction of the price.

Let us be your trusted advisors.

We are equipped to handle most business, tax, and estate planning matters, be it domestic or international, from the relatively simple to the complex and sophisticated.  We want to be there for you as you make your business vision into a reality, protect and grow your assets as the business flourishes, as well as help you plan for the day when you will pass along the fruits of your labor to your loved ones.